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Abbey Modern Crystal Lamp by Chelsea House – 31″

Exquisite! Solid Slabs of Crystal with Polished Nickel Off White Linen Lampshade. Houses 1) 100 Watt, 3-Way Bulb.

Abbot Glass Table Lamp by Chelsea House – 30″

Contemporary! Textured Glass Base with Antiqued Nickel Finished Table Lamp, Bedside Lamp With White Linen Lampshade. Houses 1) 100 Watt, 3-Way Bulb.

Abella Nickel Lamp Blue by Wildwood Lamps – 41″

Elegant! Polished Nickel Finish Over Tall, Brass Base with Ribbed Design, Adds Sparkle and Animation to Any Space. Table Lamp With Deep Blue, Silkette Lampshade. Houses 1) 100 Watt Bulb, 3-Way.

Abriella Buffet Porcelain Lamp by Uttermost – 37″

Delicate! Abriella Traditional Table or Buffet Porcelain Lamp with metallic gold finish and polished chrome and crystal accents. Table Lamps, Buffet Lamps With Square, gold, silkette lampshade. This tall and narrow lamp is well suited as a buffet table lamp. Bulb: Houses 150W, 3-WAY Bulb.

Achates Emerald Agate Buffet Lamp by Uttermost -Retired

Sleek! Brushed Brass Lamp that Features a Cut Slab Of Greenish Blue Agate Stone. Square, Rust Beige Linen Lampshade. Houses 1) 100 Watt Bulb, Standard Medium Base. Due to the Nature of Natural Stone, There Will Be Some Variation in Color and Shape.

Adagio Bronze Table Lamp by Wildwood Lamps – 28″

Modern! Cast Composite Lamp with Antiqued Bronze Finish. Table or Bedside Lamp With Off-White, Linen Lampshade. Houses 1) 100 Watt Max Bulb with 3-Way Switch.

Addison Polished Nickel Lamp by Uttermost – 29″

Stylish! Modern Metal Table or Bedside Lamp with Nickel Finish. Table or Bedside Lamp With Rectangular, White Hardback, Linen Shade. Houses 1) 100 Watt Bulb.

Adele Alabaster Lamp by Wildwood Lamps – 32″

Gorgeous! Contemporary, White Alabaster Table Lamp with Antique Brass Finish On Details. Off White, Silkette Lampshade. Houses 2) 60 Watt Bulbs with Pull-Chain Switches. Houses 2) 60 Watt Bulbs.

Adjustable Table Brass Lamp by Wildwood Lamps – 37″

Beautiful! Antiqued Patina on Brass and Iron Table Lamp or Buffet Lamp. Tan, Silk Lampshade with Brass Trim. Houses 1) 100 Watt, 3-Way Bulb.

Adria Transparent Gray Glass Lamp by Uttermost – 31″

Lovely! Heavily Seeded Transparent Gray Glass, Accented With Brushed Nickel Plated Details. The Tapered Round Hardback Shade Is An Oatmeal Linen Fabric With Natural Slubbing. Houses 1) 150 Watt, 3-Way Bulb.

Aemilius Gray Glass Table Lamp by Uttermost – 27″

Lovely! Mottled Silver Mercury Glass With Dark Bronze Undertones, Polished Nickel, And Crystal Details. Table or Bedside Lamp With Round, Silkette Off-white Lampshade. Houses 1) 150 Watt Bulb.

Aerin Amber Glass Lamp by Wildwood Lamps – 26″

Modern Style! Chiseled Glass Sphere in an Amber Color with an Acrylic Footing and Nickel Accents. Table Lamp or Bedside Lamp With White, Double Fabric, Sheer Lampshade. Houses 1) 100 Watt, 3-Way Bulb.

TABLE LAMPS Bright Bar 2

Finish Matters

Once you decide on the right size and style – it’s time to pick a finish. Table lamps come in many colors but also come in many finishes. Table lamp finishes come in bronze, copper, brass, wood, nickel, chrome, to name a few.  So, whether a finish is matte or glossy makes a big difference.  Glossy finishes will add more lively accents where a matte finish will add a calmer accent. 

Let us speak about lighting fixtures, the various finishes, and how you choose when you are designing your next light upgrade.

Think ahead! It’s important, and not for just what “looks good”. When you think of lighting, the finish vitally important as the type of lighting fixture. Your main objective is to impress! And to turn your home in to an inviting home.

The Basics

Designer light fixtures offer many different finish options that get put in to three categories:

  • Metals
  • Wood and/or natural materials
  • Painted or enamel surfaces


 Stone or Wood go Natural

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Sicily Turned Wood Lamp

Cassia Oil Rubbed Bronze Table Lamp by Uttermost 26145

Cassia Oil Rubbed Bronze Table Lamp by Uttermost

Natural Wood, Stone and other materials provide a calming appearance that’s the right choice for casual decor.  Many natural surfaces have warmer hues that are right for living areas. Wood and stone also have many variations that will add a visual appeal with overhead fixtures or table lamps.


Metal Master-Pieces

Metal surfaces offer various gorgeous finishes, including elegant brushed nickel, the richness of oil-rubbed bronze fixtures. Polished chrome, or Polished Light fixture finishes that add a brilliance to any area and rubbed or brushed provide a softer color and warmer details. A metal surface is durable, yet some other materials like brass and nickel may require polishing once in a while. Some other metal fixtures may have a lacquer finish that will need very little maintenance.







Enameled or Painted Finishes Blend In

enamel swirls lamp 46926 75719.1417296394.1280.1280

Enamel Swirls Lamp by Wildwood

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laquer swirls red table lamp

Enameled or painted fixtures help achieve several objectives. Semi flush mounted lights or Flush-mounted lights coordinate very well with floors and ceilings to provide beautiful lighting without having the fixtures being too obvious.

Different Spaces For Different Light Fixture Finishes

The rooms in your home have various purposes, so the color tone and finish, of your light fixture finishes are also important. Living rooms, dining rooms, patios and decks, will provide a great space for entertaining or relaxing, so think a little about your lighting designs. Kitchens are an important and functional space for you family that requires task lighting, so ceiling pendants that coordinate well with your kitchen colors will work best.  For your bedrooms, go for warm fixtures that will provide an inviting cozy feel and mood – will work best.


Light It Up – Kitchens and Bathrooms

Prior to selecting a finish for your light fixtures when designing your kitchen. Review your existing hardware and plumbing as well as the cabinet trim and towel racks. Coordinating the same finish, throughout the space will create more unified designs that will go better in small rooms, but decide on the different metal finishes that can also add eclectic touches that will draw more attention to a beautiful light fixture. Consider utilizing more natural materials to balance other surfaces in the space. Some metals may tarnish easily because they’re exposed to too much moisture. You may want to choose a lacquer finishes to avoid the extra maintenance.






Light Up The Bedroom

The bedroom is the most personal space in the home. The types of lighting fixture finishes you choose should better reflect your own tastes. Consider antiqued copper or oil rubbed bronze which are cozy and warmer metals, combine them with Victorian table lamps, add romantic appeal. Materials such as natural stone or wood creates a calming look and feel that’s perfect for a restful oasis. When you choose a child room’s lighting fixtures for their bedroom, ceiling lighting provides nice ambient lighting. A fixture with a colorful enamel with a coordinated shade is a playful way to decorate in a child’s room, and those ceiling lights will keep those hot bulbs out of reach – from those curious kids.

Light Up Your Dining Room & Living Rooms

Light up these most important spaces with beautiful light fixtures that are designed to impress and enhance your room’s decor. table lamps and Floor lamps finished in brushed or polished metal will add an impressiveness and will create nice contrasts with wooden accent pieces. Add generous ambient light to these spaces using painted or enameled ceiling lights that will blend in with the background. Cut glass or polished metal fixtures hanging above your dining room table to focus attention on that stunning central lighting fixture.

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The fixtures finish will do a lot for your room; they will add interesting texture or smooth shine; they will give a room a traditional or contemporary or a rustic look and feel.  A glossy or shiny finish like polished ceramic lamps or chrome can add a reflection of light and will actually brighten a space even if the lamp isn’t lit. Use lamps with earthy copper or bronze or a more rough plaster finish for an Old World appearance, or a gloss finish for a more modern style space. Brass or gold has been the go-to finishes for elegance but now nickel is also thought of as very elegant.