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Alenon Light Gray Table Lamp by Uttermost

$323.00 $231.00
This Traditional Ceramic Table Lamp Has An Elegant, Overlaid Lace Design With A Delicate Light Gray Glaze, Accented With Brushed Nickel Plated Details.

Bandera Distressed Table Lamp by Uttermost

$369.00 $264.00
Exhibiting A Modern Lodge Style, This Ceramic Table Lamp Has An Organic Shaped Base With A Basket Weave Texture Finished In An Aged Bronze With Rust Distressing And Brushed Brass Accents.

Brenta Lamp by Decorative Crafts

$2,858.10 $2,100.00
Exquisite ! Hand-blown grey Venetian Glass Lamp With Two Lights With A Round Hardback Fabric Shade. Houses 1) 100 Watt Bulb

Capri Blue Ceramic Lamp by Wildwood Lamps – 30″

$807.00 $618.70
Lovely! Hand Sculpted Ceramic Table Lamp with Medium Blue Crackle Glaze, Clear Acrylic Accents, and Nickel Hardware. Off White, Silk Lampshade. Houses 1) 100 Watt Bulb with 3-Way Switch.

Casella Lamp

$2,750.00 $2,000.00
Hand-blown grey Venetian glass lamp with two lights  and round hardback fabric shade; Max. 100 watts per bulb.

Chang Lamp Sapphire Blue by Wildwood Lamps – 32″

$717.00 $549.70
Sophisticated! Contemporary Ceramic Base with Deep Blue Glaze, Crystal Mounting, and Polished Nickel Details. With A Cream Linen Lampshade. Houses 1) 100 Watt Bulb, 3-Way.

Corbridge Lamp

$1,787.50 $1,300.00
Solid crystal lamp with polished nickel trim  and rectangular hardback fabric shade, max. 100 watts, UL approved;

Curie Industrial Accent Lamp by Uttermost-24″

$382.72 $273.37
Unique! Industrial Style Table Lamp Design. A Round Amber Glass Globe Is Supported By A Forged Iron Stand With Plated Antique Brass Accents. The Stand Sits On Top Of A Layered Crystal Block And Black Marble Foot. GLASS SHADE Houses 1) 60W Amber Colored, TYPE A, ON-OFF Bulb- Included

Encore Lamp Sky Blue by Wildwood Lamps – 34″

$747.00 $572.70
Lovely! Ceramic Base with Medium Blue Glaze and Floral Relief Texture with Acrylic Foot and Nickel Details. Light Beige Linen Lampshade. Houses 1) 100 Watt Bulb, 3-Way.

Fulton Vase Blue Green Lamp by Chelsea House – 31″

$897.00 $687.70
Lovely! Gourd Shaped, Porcelain Base with Medium Tone Blue Green Glaze, Acrylic Foot, and Antiqued Brass Details. With Eggshell Linen Lampshade. Houses 1) 100 Watt, 3-Way Bulb.

Idalgo Brushed Nickel Lamp by Uttermost – 32″

$379.36 $270.97
Lovely! Contemporary Buffet or Bedside Lamp Features a Stacked, Hand Forged Steel Frame with a Plated Brushed Nickel Finish and Thick Ivory Marble Blocks. Table, Buffet, or Bedside Lamp With Rectangular, Beige, Hardback, Linen Shade. Houses 1) 100 Watt, On-Off Bulb.

Irie Crackled Taupe Table Lamp by Uttermost

$430.00 $308.00
Ceramic Table Lamp Features A Cream And Taupe Crackle Glaze With Antique Brushed Brass Plated Details And Crystal Accents.

Lagos Rustic Table Lamp by Uttermost

$234.00 $167.20
This Unique Ceramic Table Lamp Displays A Rustic, Wavy Ribbed Texture In Rust Brown Glaze Covered In Aged Taupe Tones, Accented With Light Brushed Brass Details.

Lilla Aquaverde Blue Lamp by Wildwood Lamps – 32″

$477.00 $365.70
Lovely! Blue Ceramic Table Lamp or Bedside Lamp with Light Crackle Finish and Antiqued Silver Leaf Accents. Table Lamp, Or Bedside Lamp With An Off White, Linen Lampshade. Houses 1) 100 Watt Bulb with 3-Way Switch.

Lyell Industrial Table Lamp by Uttermost-28″

$315.58 $225.41
Sleek! Silhouette Is Featured In This Industrial Table Lamp Design. A Shapely, Amber Colored Glass Globe Is Supported By A Curved, Black Metal Base, Displayed On A Unique Cast Iron Foot With Plated Antique Brass Accents. Glass Shade Houses 1) 60W, TYPE A, OTHER Bulb

Medeci Lamp Aqua Blue by Frederick Cooper – 40″

$673.01 $540.50
Elegant! Tall Ceramic Base with Glossy, Crackled, Aqua Finish Featuring Silver Leaf Accents. With Off White Linen Lampshade. Houses 1) 100 Watt Bulb, 3-Way.

Mimi Porcelain Lamp Breeze Blue by Wildwood Lamps – 27″

$837.00 $641.70
Nice! Contemporary, Hand Finished Porcelain Base with Medium Blue Tone Finish and Gold Leaf Accents. Table Lamp, Or Bedside Lamp With A Brown Woven Linen Lampshade. Houses 1) 100 Watt Bulb, 3-Way.

Mireille Modern Table Lamp by Uttermost

$498.00 $356.40
Exhibiting A More Contemporary Look, This Table Lamp Features A Sleek Overlapping Metal Base Finished In A Plated Polished Nickel Displayed On A Thick Black Marble Foot.

Newton Industrial Accent Lamp by Uttermost-25″

$379.36 $270.97
Vintage! Industrial Style Is Introduced In This Accent Lamp Design. A Heavily Seeded Glass Globe Is Suspended In A Black Metal Surround, Accented With Plated Antique Brass Details. One 40 Watt T-30 Vintage Style Bulb Included. COLUMN BUBBLE GLASS SHADE Houses 1) 60W, TYPE A, OTHER Bulb

Prescot Lamp

$2,000.00 $1,500.00
Solid crystal lamp with antiqued brass trim  and round hardback fabric shade, max. 100 watts, UL approved;

Rayas White Table Lamp by Uttermost

$222.00 $158.40
This Ceramic Lamp Features A Gloss White Ribbed Base Tipped With Bold Black Stripes, Accented With Brushed Nickel Details And A Thick Crystal Foot.

Scenic Blue Lamp Small by Chelsea House – 26″

$688.67 $506.00
Fine! Small, Elegant Hand Painted, Blue White Porcelain Base with Brass Details. Table Lamp, Bedside Lamp With White, Silkette Lampshade. Houses 1) 100 Watt, 3-Way Bulb.

Scrimshaw Blue White Lamp by Chelsea House – 22″

$719.97 $540.50
Gorgeous! Blue and White, Asian Accent Lamp with Brass Details and a Black Foot. Table Lamp, Accent Lamp With Off-white Linen Lampshade. Houses 1) 150 Watt, 3-Way Bulb.

Shildon Lamp

$1,581.25 $1,150.00
Solid crystal lamp with antiqued brass trim  and round hardback fabric shade, max. 100 watts, UL approved;

Triptic Seabreeze Blue Lamp by Frederick Cooper – 31″

$807.00 $618.70
Distinctive! Ceramic Base with Blue Glaze and Gold Leaf Details. Designed By Larry Laslo. With A White, Silkette Lampshade. Houses 1) 3-Way, 100 Watt Bulb.

Whitley Lamp

$1,581.25 $1,150.00
Solid crystal lamp with antiqued brass trim  and square, cut corner, hardback fabric shade, max. 100 watts, UL approved; 

Zulli Blue Agate Lamp by Wildwood Lamps – 32″

$747.00 $572.70
Simply Divine! Blue Agate Stone Ornament (Dyed) and Freeform Base with Gold Leaf Finish (Cast Composite) with White Marble Foot. Table lamp With Off White Silk Lampshade. Houses 1) 100 Watt Bulb, 3-Way. Houses 1) 100 Watt Bulb, 3-Way Bulb.


Bedroom Bedside table lamps or Bedroom Lamps take up just a little space, but they provide great ambiance for the look and the mood of your bedroom. Table surfaces in your bedroom are generally more narrow in depth – between 16″ to 18″. Importantly when  you are choosing your table lamps for the bedroom ~ width or the diameter of the lampshade should be smaller than the most narrow portion of the table where it sits – so the lampshade should not hang over the tables edge. A 16″ deep bedroom table, the shade should be no deeper than 15″.  A rectangle and oval shaped shade works well for bedside lamps.  The dimension for each product in our collections are in the description tab on each of our product pages.  

Bedside lamps will set the mood for your bedroom. It is important to the design scheme that you choose the best table lamps for your side tables in order to create the look and feel you are trying to convey. A bedroom lamp that is just right will entirely depend on your personal preferences. Match your bedroom furniture with the lamp, you may want one that will provide maximum light for activities like reading. Before you make your final choice, take a good look at the our collection to ensure you get your bedroom lighting that you will love.

Tips for Choosing Bedroom Lamps

Most rooms will benefit from multiple sources of light, and a bedroom is certainly no exception. Sometimes general illumination lighting is needed for specific tasks such as reading, and many times to create a nice romantic mood. There are also many other types of lighting for the bedroom such as bedside lamps, bedroom table lamp sets, bedroom side table lights, bedroom side table lamps, bedroom night table lamps, bedroom end table lamps, bedroom bedside table lamps, dresser lamps, desk lamps, floor lamps, sconces, and chandeliers.  Below we describe a few useful tips on how best to choose the different types of lamps for the bedroom.



Bedside Table Lamps Size

Bedside lamps are usually positioned on each sides of the bed. Often matching lamps, but they do not have to match. Since bedside tables are usually 16” to 20” deep, you should check the depth of the lampshade for any lamp that is to be placed here. You will not want a lampshade to extend out beyond the depth of the table edge. In many cases,  look for lampshades that are somewhere between 10” and 18” deep – which should depend on the depth of your bedside table.

Rectangle shades on table lamps or oval shades on table lamps make good bedside lamps since they are wider and provide a nice visual needed to anchor the sides of the bed – but narrow enough so they sit comfortably on the bedside table.

Bedside Lamp Height: Another concern when choosing bedside lamps ~ is the lamp’s height. If a lamp is too tall, you may see the bulb while you are laying in bed – and that could be a source of glaring light. Many bedroom tables are about 28” to 30” in height. And beds are generally 24” and 30” in height. The height for bedside lamps will generally range from about 24” to 33” (top of finial).

Occasionally, you can go taller if you have higher ceilings or lower bedside tables.  Also, if you have a vertical lampshade with vertical sides like a drum shade, the lamp can be somewhat taller since it can hide the bulb better than a shade can that has wider slanted sides (cone shape) – especially when you are in a low viewing position than that of the lampshade.

Dresser Lamps

Like a bedside table, a bedroom dresser will have a narrow depth.  The depth of the base of the lampshade should be  a few inches more narrow than the depth of your dresser.  More generally, the height of a chosen dresser lamp should be 27” (top of finial) or less. Lamps with more narrow bases (body) will be in the tall range and lamps with a wider base should be in the shorter range.

Chandeliers for the Bedroom

Consider one of our chandeliers for the bedroom.  Here is a good rule of thumb for determining the proper diameter of a chandelier for any room. Add length and width of your room together ~ take the measurement of feet and switch it for inches: For example,  a bedroom that is 12′ wide +14′ deep = 26′. The chandelier diameter would be approximately 26”.  However, with a bedroom chandelier, you may want to choose one a little smaller. The bedroom chandelier should hang no lower than 6′-8” from the floors surface especially if you need to walk under it. If you are choosing a chandelier to hang above a table, then the height should be lower – and diameter should be more narrow.

Bedroom Table Lamp Brands

PoshLamps.coms offers the best selection of top name brands at 20-40% off: lamps for the bedroom, bed table lights, bed table lamps, floor lamps, sconces, and chandeliers. by Wildwood Lamps, Frederick Cooper, Chelsea House, Dimond Lighting and more. In addition, we offer a wide selection of wall mirrors.