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Westerly Blue Table Lamp by Uttermost

$504.00 $360.80
This Refined Table Lamp Features A Classic Blue Ceramic Base With White Subtle Undertones And Organic Vertical Texture, Paired With Sophisticated Polished Nickel And Crystal Accents.

Easton Gold Table Lamp by Wildwood Lamps – 32″

$717.00 $549.70
Beautiful! Contemporary, Iron Base with Gold Leaf Finish and Black Glass Accent. Table Lamp or Bedside Lamp With Rectangular, Light Gray, Silkette Lampshade. Houses 1) 60 Watt, 1-Way, Medium Base Bulb.

Morgan Chrome Table Lamp by Dimond – 30″

$645.00 $448.00
Eye Catching! Modern, Polished Chrome over Brass Table or Bedside Lamp With Free-form Design. Dark Taupe, Silkette Lampshade.

Aemilius Gray Glass Table Lamp by Uttermost – 27″

$329.01 $233.20
Lovely! Mottled Silver Mercury Glass With Dark Bronze Undertones, Polished Nickel, And Crystal Details. Table or Bedside Lamp With Round, Silkette Off-white Lampshade. Houses 1) 150 Watt Bulb.

Jack Be Nimble III Lamp by Frederick Cooper – 32″

$1,111.26 $816.50
Striking! Lion Footed Candlestick Lamp with Rusticated Brown Finish in Traditional Style. Traditional Table Lamp With Light Gold Silkette Shade with Fringe. Houses 1) 100 Watt Bulb


$1,393.32 $1,050.00
Contemporary Style! Solid Crystal Base with Antiqued Solid Brass Details. Table or Bedside Lamp With Square, Off-White Fabric Lampshade. Houses 1) 150 Watt Max, 1-Way Bulb.

Twila White Table Lamp by Wildwood Lamps – 27″

$547.80 $402.50
Eye Catching! Matte White Finish On Cast Composite Featuring An Antique Gold Leaf Base. Table or Bedside Lamp With Black Paper Lampshade with Gold Trim. Houses 1) 100 Watt, 3-Way Bulb

Footed Candlestick Bronze Lamp by Wildwood Lamps – 31″

$359.98 $264.50
Sophisticated! Traditional Style, Featuring A Dark Bronze Finish With Hand-Colored Black Base And Copper Color Accents. Table, Buffet, or Bedside Lamp With A Khaki Tan Silk Lampshade. Houses 100 Watt, 3-Way Bulb. See Detail Photos Below for More Accurate Color Depiction.


$995.23 $750.00
Elegant! Solid Crystal Oval Orbs with Antiqued Solid Brass Details. Hand Cast And Hand Finished. Table Lamp, Bedside Lamp With Round, Off-White Fabric Lampshade. Houses 1) 150 Watt Max, 1-Way Bulb.

Sakana Gray Textured Table Lamp by Uttermost – 29″

$433.08 $312.40
Modern! Lamp Features a Rubbed Gray, Rough Faux Leather (Shagreen) Texture & Polished Nickel Plated Details. Table or Bedside Lamp With Rectangular, Gray Linen Hardback Shade. Houses 1) 150 Watt, 3-Way Bulb.

Othia Nickel Buffet Lamp by Wildwood Lamps – 30″

$477.00 $365.70
Stylish! Traditional or Contemporary, Brushed Nickel Finish On Iron. Table Lamp or Buffet Lamp. Houses 1) 60 Watt, 1-Way Bulb, Medium Base

Avonmore Chrome Table Lamp by Dimond – 27″

$507.00 $304.20
Beautiful! Contemporary, Modern Chrome Table Lamp. With Black Organza (transparent) Lampshade with Flocked Design. Houses (1 ) 150 Watt, 3-Way Bulb


Bedroom Table Lamps

Bedroom Lamps or Bedside table lamps only need minimal space, but have incredible effects on the look and mood. Most table surfaces of a bedroom are more narrow in depth – somewhere between 16″ and 18″. It’s very important when you are choosing table lamps for your bedroom that the diameter of that lampshade is smaller than the narrowest part of the table on which it is set – so the lampshade doesn’t hang over the tables edge. For 16″ deep tables,  you should not have the shade any deeper than 15″.  Oval and rectangular shaped shades work best for bedside lamps.  You can also find the shade dimensions of the below section of on each one of our product pages.  

Tips To Choose A Bedroom Lamp

Most rooms benefit from many sources of light, and most bedrooms are no exception. Sometimes the light is necessary for general light, sometimes it is needed for reading, and often times to create a mood that is romantic. There are several types of light for a bedroom such as dresser lampsdesk lampsfloor lamps bedside lamps, , sconces, and chandeliers.  Below are a some tips for choosing different types of lamps for your bedroom.

Bedside Lamps Size

Bedside lamps are generally placed on both sides of your bed. Often times, these lamps match, but they don’t absolutely have to match. Bedside tables are typically 16” to 20” deep, it’s essential to check on the depth of the shade of a lamp that is to be placed there. You should not want a lampshade to extend too far beyond the depth of the table. In many cases you’ll be searching for shades that are somewhere between 10” and 18” in depth – it depends on the depth of your bedside table.

Rectangular or Oval Table lamps  often make great bedside lamps because they’re wider and provide the visual needed to balance each side of the bed – but they are sufficiently narrow to comfortably sit on ta bedside table.

Bedside Lamp Height: Another very important point to consider in choosing a bedside lamp is the lamp’s height. If the lamp is too high, you may be looking at a light bulb while you are laying in bed – and that would be a glaring experience. Many bedside tables are approximately 28” to 30” tall. And a bed is usually between 24” and 30” tall. A good height for a bedside lamp typically ranges between 24” to 33” (top of finial).

Sometimes, it is desirable to think taller if you have higher ceilings or lower bedside tables. And,  if you have a shade with vertical sides known as a (drum shade), the lamp can be taller because it may hide the light bulb more effectively than a lampshade that has a wider more  slanted side (cone shape) – when you’re in a low position looking up at the lampshade.



Dresser Lamps

Like a bedside table, bedroom dressers are generally more narrow. The deepness of the bottom of the shade should generally be a few inches more narrow than the deepness of the dresser.  Typically, the tallness of a dresser lamp should be around 27” (top of finial) or less. Lamps that have more  narrow bases (body) should be taller and lamps with a wider base would be in a shorter range.

Chandeliers for the Bedroom

You might want to consider looking at our chandeliers for the bedroom.  Here are easy rules of thumb for determining the chandelier diameter for the room. Compute the width and length of the room together in feet and then use the inches: For a better example, if you have a bedroom that’s 14′ wide + 16′ deep = 30′. The chandelier diameter would be approximately 30”. Although, for a bedroom, you might want to go smaller. Also, the bedroom chandelier should hang no lower than 6′-8” from the floors surface, if you will be walking under it. If you hang a chandelier over a table, then the height should be lower – and the overall diameter more narrow.

Other Popular Styles;


Bedroom Lamp Brands

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