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Capri White Ceramic Lamp by Wildwood Lamps – 31″

$777.00 $595.70
Nice! White Textured Ceramic with Light Tan Rub Accents. Table Lamp, Buffet Lamp or Bedside Lamp With Round Lampshade. Houses 1) 150 Watt, 3-Way Bulb.

Column Buffet Nickel Lamp by Chelsea House – 31″

$777.00 $595.70
Nice! Ribbed Column Design - Cast Solid Brass Base with Polished Nickel Finish Table Lamp or Buffet Lamp With Off-White, Silk Lampshade. Houses 1) 60 Watt, 1-Way Bulb

Destin Blue Green Ceramic Table Lamp by Uttermost – 29″

$392.79 $280.57
Beautiful! Ceramic Base Finished In A Dripped Aquamarine Glaze With Tan Undertones And Brushed Coffee Bronze Metal Details. Table, Bedside, or Buffet Lamp With Rectangle Bell Shade Is A Khaki Linen Fabric With Natural Slubbing. 1) 150 Watt Bulb, 3- Way.

Twist On Column Gold Wood Table Lamp by Wildwood Lamps – 40″

$657.00 $503.70
Traditional! This Lovely Table Lamp Is Hand-finished in Antiqued Gold. Table Lamp or Buffet Lamp With Light Tan, Silk Lampshade. Houses 1) 150 Watt, 3-Way Bulb.

Sprigs Affirmation Gold Metal Lamp by Frederick Cooper – 29″

$622.93 $457.70
Nature Inspired! Sprigs Affirmation Gold Metal Lamp Contemporary, Modern Lamp Houses 100 Watt, 3-Way Bulb

Jack Be Nimble III Lamp by Frederick Cooper – 32″

$1,111.26 $816.50
Striking! Lion Footed Candlestick Lamp with Rusticated Brown Finish in Traditional Style. Traditional Table Lamp With Light Gold Silkette Shade with Fringe. Houses 1) 100 Watt Bulb

Stacks Of Slats Gold Wood Lamp Black by Wildwood Lamps – 30″

$359.98 $319.70
Impressive! Stacks Of Slats Gold Wood Lamp Black Table Lamp or Bedside Lamp With Faux Wood with Gold Finish. Black, Silk, Lampshade. Houses 1) 100 Watt, 3-Way, Medium Base

Darcy Clear Glass Lamp by Wildwood Lamps – 26″

$597.00 $457.70
Gorgeous! Traditional Style Lamp, Featuring Clear Glass with Nickel Details. Table or Bedside Lamp With Off-White, Silkette Lampshade. Houses 2) 40 Watt Max Bulb with Line Switch.

Rondure Sphere Table Lamp by Uttermost – 28″

$382.72 $273.37
Eye Catching! Featuring An Armillary Sphere with A Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze And Gold Leaf Finish. Houses 1) 100 Watt Bulb. A 40 Watt, G95 Antique Style Bulb is Included.

Square Column Crystal Lamp by Wildwood Lamps – 37″

$1,047.00 $802.70
Beautiful! Solid Crystal with Nickel Attachments. Contemporary Table Lamp With Off-white, Silk lampshade. Houses 100 Watt, 3-Way Bulb.

Brass Prism Table Lamp by Chelsea House – 29″

$1,077.00 $825.70
Traditional! Beautiful Brass and Glass Base. Table Lamp, Buffet Lamp or Bedside Lamp With Pale Beige, Ornate Silkette Lampshade. Houses 1) 100 Watt, 3-Way Bulb

Imperial Dragon Lamp Gold by Wildwood Lamps – 39″

$1,035.00 $793.50
Eye Catching! Tall, Asian Inspired Imperial Dragon Fish Lamp with Antiqued Gold Leaf Finish - Cast Composite. Black Marble Accent. Cream, Raw Silk Lampshade. Houses 1) 100 Watt Bulb, 3-Way Bulb


Buffet Table Lamps

Console lamps or Buffet lamps  are a nice way to add more light to a more narrow table surface and  it brings more  attention to a dull wall. You will discover a wide variety of contemporary, traditional, and modern buffet table lamps in crystal, brass, wood, and more. A buffet table standing 36” in height, a buffet lamp should be about 28” (top of finial) or lower in height. also has tall and slender candlestick lamps other lamps that are better sized for more narrow surfaces such as bedroom dressers.


Buffet table lamps are very stylish and adds beauty to your design but are extremely versatile and could be utilized for many spaces in your home. Buffet lamps are a functional and decorative design source of light.

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Loredo Mercury Glass Table Lamp by Uttermost – 37″

Most rooms will benefit from multiple sources of light. Lighting is sometimes needed for general light, and sometimes for the specific tasks like reading, and often in order to create a more romantic mood. There are several types of light fixtures such as bedside lampsdresser lampsdesktop lamps buffet lamps, , floor lampssconces, and chandeliers.  Below are a some tips for choosing different types of lamps.


Buffet lamps are often called console lamps, or candlestick lamps and are taller lamps standing taller than table lamps. Typically they will stand 32 to 36 inches tall, measuring them from the bottom of the lamp to the tip top of the shade, or the finial. Buffet lamps sport a narrow base, and often look as though they are a thin candlestick, with a smaller shade.


A Buffet lamps shade usually has a base measuring around 12 inches or less. Buffet lamps typically uses a 75-watt bulb or less, and typically depends on the width of that shade. A couple of buffet lamps will illuminate approximately the same amount of area as one 150-watt table lamp.


Small buffet lamps will stand 24 to 30 inches tall, sometimes they’re referred to as candlestick lamps due to their candlestick shape. The smaller style typically uses a 60-watt bulb. Smaller Candlestick lamps that stand less than 24 inches is considered an accent lamp.


Buffet lamps should be used on top of a buffet table, on pedestals, console tables, a credenza a chest, on dressers, or on a sofa table, etc. When you decorate with a buffet lamp,   the  height of a buffet lamp and the surface it is set on should be around 58 to 64 inches range. This is important to use them in an area where there are floor lamps and table lamps. The idea is, you want their eyes to move upward through that room from the tip top of that lamp shade over to the other lamp without looking up or down too much.

Popular Styles;


If you place a buffet lamp in your dining room, or on top of a console table, and there aren’t any other light fixtures like floor lamps or table lamps  to compare the height, it’s proper for them to be a little bit taller. Just be positive they aren’t too much taller – that you can see the bottom of the lampshade or the exposed bulb.

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