When remodeling your home, be ready for tremendous amounts of dust and debris everywhere you look. Making your home look expensive is a messy process. However, shiny new countertops, freshly painted walls, perhaps even a new layout that await you in the near future will give you the motivation to keep going. Besides the dirt and imminent cleaning frenzy, you must remember that home renovation includes letting many people into your home. Such a crowd may not be as careful with your belongings. Therefore, before you begin demolishing whatever you plan to rebuild, focus on protecting fragile items during a house renovation. This article will provide you with practical advice on how to do it, so you don’t lose your mind worrying about your valuables during the hectic time that renovation most definitely is. 

Consider moving out of your home

Depending on the scope of your renovation project, you might need to move out until it’s over. Staying in may not be the safest thing to do, neither for you nor for your stuff. If the remodeling isn’t contained to one room and you can’t escape breathing in the dust, it’s best to find temporary accommodation.

Packing supplies
Protecting fragile items during a house renovation may involve moving them out of the home.

The same goes for your precious belongings. Sometimes the best way of protecting fragile items during a house renovation is to keep them far away from the action. So, if transferring them to a separate room is not an option, Los Angeles Transfer and Storage will have a solution for you. 

Remodeling is a dirty, messy, and noisy process that can cause you a lot of stress. Cleaning the house while the works are in progress is a futile endeavor. Why bother when the next day you will have to deal with the same again. Moreover, what if the water supply has to be cut off? With all the noise, grit falling on your furniture, possible lack of basic living necessities, moving away from it all will provide salvation for your sanity.

It’s imperative to apply adequate packing techniques 

Whether you have decided to remove yourself and your precious items from the situation entirely or merely retreat to one clean room, packing the things you moved from the construction area adequately is imperative. When transporting fragile items to a different location, it’s essential to invest a bit of time in protecting them well. 

To ensure their safety, you will need some packing materials:

  • cardboard boxes
  • bubble wrap
  • packing peanuts
  • tape
  • packing paper
  • permanent marker.

These are the essentials for keeping you fragile items safe during a house remodel. You already know that glass requires extra care, so make sure you provide it. While packing your glass decorations, stone table lamps, your beloved crystal chandelier, you must take every precaution. First, make sure that all glass parts are safely wrapped in packing paper to avoid scratches and tiny cracks. Next, cushion them with some bubble wrap. If you place a lamp, for instance, in a cardboard box, remember to separate the shade from the base and then add packing peanuts all around, so there is no chance of moving. The same goes for any piece you pack in a box or other container. 

Items made of glass, crystal, stone, as well as lamps and wall décor, will require special attention during the remodeling process.

Alt: A woman packing her lamps

Items like mirrors, various wall decor, and art will also require several layers of protection – paper, bubble wrap, and cardboard. Then tape it all around. And don’t forget to write “fragile” on every box or packet. Also, clearly mark which side must go up and that no other object can be placed on top of them. 

Keeping your belongings organized is a necessary step for protecting fragile items

Just like with everything in life, good organization is key! When moving house, you need to plan everything to the last detail, so there are no mishaps. To manage all your daily activities in a busy lifestyle, you need to be well-organized. To protect your fragile items during home remodeling, you must keep them organized.

Firstly, you must know where to begin. The most fragile items should be the first to pack. Traditional table lamps, crystal lamps, china, everything that will bring a dose of luxury into your new and improved home must receive the attention it deserves and takes priority over other, more sturdy items. 

A woman writing an inventory
Keeping an inventory is an essential step for staying organized.

Furthermore, it’s highly advisable to keep an inventory. Take a notebook, and make a list of all the items you placed within a particular box and label each container. That way, you will make sure nothing gets lost. Also, when the time to put these items back to their righteous place comes, you will know where to begin and where you can find what you are looking for. 

Rent a storage unit

We have already mentioned that keeping your fragile items far away from all the gritty, dusty, and altogether unsafe action is your safest bet when it comes to protecting them from damage and irreparable destruction. So, if you don’t have a safe space in your home where you can move them, renting temporary storage is a possible solution. After you have wrapped your beautiful lamps, precious crystal and china, breakable ornaments, and such with several layers of love and attention, transporting them to the storage unit will be close to the walk in the park. 

Protecting fragile items during a house renovation delivered

Home remodeling doesn’t have to be stressful. You just have to stay away from it. Joking aside, although you know that the result of all that hard work, mess, and noise will be a fancy new home, it’s hard to avoid all the stress. However, you can follow some practical tips to help you keep your sanity during such trying times. Some of those tips are concerning protecting fragile items during a house renovation. And in general, proper planning, organization, and storage options are a way to circumvent all the frustration.