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Simple Ways to Lighten a Dark Room – Home Decor Tips

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The presence of natural or artificial light in a room can create a very huge difference. A room that looks like a cave can, upon the introduction of light, end up looking quite inviting and appealing to anyone who steps into it. If you are trying to bring in more light into your living space for whatever reason, you can rely on these 8 simple ways to lighten a dark room.

  1. Light up the walls

Light up the walls

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In most cases, as people are trying to brighten their dark living space, the use of reflecting mirrors is usually the first resort. Truth is, this may just be another design myth. The best approach to scatter light around your room is by having the walls painted white. With the white paint, ample light is usually reflected onto other surfaces, and this ends up brightening the entire room. If you are therefore seeking to have a bright room, then painting your walls and ceilings white should be the first thing you should consider.

  1. Update light bulbs for a brighter and fresher look

Update light bulbs for a brighter and fresher look

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Another tip would be to replace the dim bulbs on your walls with the brighter ones. Such a change can lead to the room getting sufficient lighting, to the extent that you will not see the need for natural light that comes in through the windows. This is something that you can try out with the bedrooms that do not have windows or even those that are usually dark during the day. You can decide to add some two or three bulbs to such rooms, provided that you purchase the ones that are energy efficient.

The addition of pot lights to your ceiling may not be quite effective on its own, thus you will need to add a few bulbs close to the walls. These will not only make the room brighter but they will also help in the revelation of the beautiful details on your pieces of art and cabinetry.

  1. Use lots of white

Use lots of white

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If you have already painted your walls white and added some light bulbs close to your walls, then the next tip you can implement is the addition of white items to your living space or other rooms. You may have to shop for white ceramic décor, curtains, and décor to maximize the amount of light within your room. In as much as is possible, try to introduce these white items in your room, and you will begin to see an impressive difference that their presence creates.

  1. Lighten up with blond woods

Lighten up with blond woods

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The introduction of pale woods to a room is also one of the best ways to not only lighten up the room but also to liven it up. Blond woods also add a touch of aesthetic to your living space, kitchen and it is hard for anyone walking into that room not to notice them. You can also decide to introduce a plant into the room, and observe how it will feel sunnier without the addition of new sources of light.

  1. Add blue to décor

Add blue to décor

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Tossing in a few blue items into your living space will also help with lightening it up. Most people think about the sky when they see blue on any item or surface, hence the effectiveness of its inclusion in your living space. Blue is a natural color that has a pleasing crispness and can end up making a significant difference when used in the right proportions.

  1. Add lighter tone runner rugs

Add lighter tone runner rugs

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The dark hardwood and laminate flooring materials are quite beautiful, which is a major reason behind why they are a favorite amongst contemporary homeowners. These materials, however, usually end up draining a lot of light from certain areas of your house, more so the ones that do not have sufficient lighting. Corridors happen to be a perfect example of such areas since they do not have windows. The introduction of runner rugs that have a lighter tone is a great approach to breaking the monotony in the dark colors on your floor. You can shop for a traditional rug that has off-whites, to incorporate a mix of richness and airiness, which in the long run contributes to a more lightened up space. 

  1. Counteract with black

Counteract with black

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Before you begin to wonder how the introduction of black into your room will help with lightening it up, let us first go through the concept of counter-intuition. In interior design courses, it is well known that the addition of dark items in a living space ends up making the surrounding areas, which have a light shade, pop even more. That is how using black items in your living space will end up making it lightened up. You can work with thin linear elements like chairs, sharp picture frames or even patterned fabrics to obtain just the right dosage of dull colors.

  1. Balance is most important

Balance is most important

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Ultimately, you should not end making your living space one big bright box as you try to lighten it up. You should aim for moderation by creating some highlights and lowlights that are appealing to you or any other observer. You can also consider purchasing designer upholstery fabrics that enhance the balance of those highlights and lowlights. Adding lights to the dark corners is a good thing but that does not mean that you overdo it. The décor process should give the room a natural lightened up and lively look that you and your family members or friends can enjoy at any time of the day or season of the year.

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