Featuring dozens of lines of lamps and lighting fixtures, furniture and accessories. An exceptional collection of affordable to high-end table lamps in porcelain, wood, crystal, ceramic, and other fine materials by top name designers. Wildwood is an Industry leader in providing fine quality table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, and home decor.Whitelinedivider2


Wildwood Lamps and Accents” began in 1900 as a small furniture store located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. And, it also ran an embalming undertaker parlor, a practice that was quite common for furniture stores at the time. In the early 60’s the owner’s grandson was promoted to store manager. At this time, the company put more attention to making table lamps. Later, “Wildwood Lamps and Accents” was launched. Whitelinedivider2

In earlier years, Wildwood would focus more on providing classical-inspired lamps from Asian and European masterpieces. By the 80’s, Wildwood expanded their collection of high end products and included other decorative accessories for your home such as wall décor, floor screens, mirrors  and other various accent furniture. And then in the early 90’s, chandeliers rose up as an important part of the Wildwood collection. Toward the end of the 90’s, Wildwood started offering wider varieties of lighting products that have a more casual and less expensive feel. PoshLamps.com is a authorized dealer for Wildwood Lighting products. Below are some products we carry on our website:Whitelinedivider2

 Wildwood Floor Lamps,       Wildwood Chandeliers,       Wildwood Table Lamps,        Wildwood Wall Sconces,       Wildwood Wall Mirrors

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Wildwood has signed into agreements with Chelsea HouseFrederick Cooper, and others to distribute their products. Like Wildwood, these other brands also reflect the highest-quality standards. All of these products are available by Wildwood Lamps and may be purchased at PoshLamps.com.  Brand names include Discovery, Italia, Joe Ruggiero, Bob Timberlake, and Studio W to Mention a few.  Frederick Cooper – Started designing innovative lamps during the 20’s with the main objective to create lighting products of “highest quality”. These finest quality lamps have been featured in embassies, luxury resorts around the world and the White House,  Chelsea House – Feels that quality and hand-crafted products are of highest importance. They’re based in classic design, but also takes great inspiration from contemporary styles. * Whitelinedivider2

Over many  years, we get many repeat customers for Wildwood Lamps products  – from customers who’ve had their Wildwood lamps for many years and they have come to love the gorgeous design and trust the high quality of these beautiful lamps. Wildwood Lamps and Accents honors their commitment to provide the highest quality, classically inspired design using the very best materials. Additionally we offer other fine quality brands such as Chelsea House, UttermostFrederick Cooper , & Decorative Crafts.Whitelinedivider2Posh Brand Footer Purple