Efficient office lighting is one of the most important components of any working environment. The lighting affects the way people feel and, consequently, it influences their productivity. The choice of light sources, color, and strength should be in accordance with the interior of the workspace, too. Let’s take a look at some tips for lighting modern office space.

Take advantage of natural light

Several decades ago, architects didn’t seem to appreciate the importance of natural light the way they do today. We know that it is the best possible option for our health. Truth be told, in the past, they didn’t have the technologies and all the materials we have at the moment. 

Nowadays, almost all commercial buildings are made of glass, so that natural light can reach as many offices as possible. That is the case with all areas that get many sunny hours over the year, as Florida does. Wouldn’t it be a waste to let all that sunshine go away? Luckily, architects and interior designers know how to appreciate such bliss, and consequently, Florida businesses have many options when renting – really good options, we might add.

A man sitting by a huge window, working
Take advantage of natural light whenever that is possible

However, even in such offices, the artificial light sources are needed. So, tip number one would be to remove anything that stops natural light from reaching the employees.

How is lighting an office space different from lighting a random room in your house?

In our homes, we perform various activities that require different types of light. For instance, we will choose one light color and strength for our kitchen counter and make totally different choices for our dining room table. Also, darker places in the areas where we like to relax can create a warm and cozy atmosphere. On the other hand, when arranging the office interior, we expect the light to be distributed as equally as possible. Contrasts and shadows are not welcome in a professional environment. Tip number two – go for lighting that is distributed evenly.

Amplify the light that is given to you

Wonder how you can do that? Adding a simple element such as a modern mirror can make such a difference. A properly chosen and well-positioned mirror can not only add to the appeal of your workspace and make it appear bigger than it really is, but it can make it lighter as well. A mirror placed adjacent to the window will optimize the natural light and spread it all over the office. The frame and finish also matter, so don’t hesitate to pay a bit more for the mirror that suits your workspace perfectly and makes a statement. Tip number three – invest in mirrors to make your modern office space lighter.

A woman working across the mirror
Mirror can be a great way to amplify the natural light

Choose healthier lighting options

Plain walls and individual cubicles are not in anymore. Modern offices are all about open space and transparency. Partitions between offices are often made of glass. Such a new layout calls for a new lighting system too. Natural light is appreciated as much as possible through glass walls and yet a sufficient amount of privacy is left to individual workers.

Special attention is paid to employees’ health. Since fluorescent light proved to be bad for the eyes and overall health, modern offices turn to LED light sources. These cause less visual fatigue and have a positive effect on workers’ performance. Tip number four – get fixtures that feature LED light or swap your traditional light bulbs with LED ones.

Office buildings made of glass
Many Florida office buildings are made of glass

Keep it clean and simple

Simplicity is what most modern offices strive for. Offices with too many details can seem cluttered and they do not boost productivity. You want your employees to be focused on their work, right? Anything that distracts them or your clients should be removed from the workspace. Bear this in mind when choosing lighting fixtures for your office. There are some amazing, yet simple pieces that will raise the aesthetics of your office to another level.

Many factors should be considered when choosing ceiling lighting for your modern office space. First of all – take into account the height of the ceiling. The higher it is, the more you will have to rely on using multiple interior light sources on different levels. The good news is that you can combine pretty much all the sources and use their individual benefits to get the overall good result. For instance, you can pair flush mounts with pendants or spots of various sizes. Manufacturers usually have collections featuring various types of fixtures done in the same style.

Encourage individuality

In a modern office, each and every worker is seen. That means that everyone should arrange their piece of workspace in a way that they feel comfortable to. The workers shouldn’t be the one to choose the ceiling light or some larger pieces of furniture, but picking decorative items for their desks should be left to them. Depending on the work they perform, they might need stronger or weaker light or even a different light color. Task lights are perfect for this type of personalization. They usually come in the form of desk lamps, but some interiors allow certain floor lamps to take the role of task lighting.

Task lights to illustrate lighting a modern office space
Task lights are important for lighting a modern office space

For tables facing the walls, you can even consider installing some modern sconces. They can be a nice detail to decorate the wall art if your workspace has any.


We hope we gave you some good ideas for lighting modern office space. Now you should know that places like Posh Lamps have products that will most certainly fit any space you are trying to arrange and the experts who can help you make the best choice.