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Top Home Renovation Trends To Watch Out For This Year

Trends To Watch Out For This Year2

Planning on finding the best contractors around for your home renovation project? Or, you have your own ideas that you’d want to implement for giving your home a complete overhaul.

Home Renovation Trends Featured

Whatever the case, you might need to have a close look at some of the latest trends in home renovation so that you can carve out spaces that not only look cool but current as well. Here we have listed some of the best home renovation trends that you should be following this year and, maybe, many more years to come.

Waterfall Counter tops

kitchen with waterfall island

Known for their beautiful sleek lines, beautiful waterfall counter tops can upgrade your kitchen space like never before. They really add that wow-factor to your space and can mask the under-island cabinetry to perfection. Typically built with the natural stone, these counter tops really look stunning and create a more seamless flow from top of your kitchen island right down to your kitchen floors.

Sliding Interior Doors

Sliding Interior Doors

There are a lot of modern day homeowners who are choosing to shun away from the typical hinged doors and are getting the sliding ones as a replacement. They not only require less space but also look amazing as well. Whether you go for the pocket doors or something in barn-style, the sliding doors are always going to add great functionality to your space. They even help you to mitigate any privacy concerns as well.

Colorful, Patterned Floor Tiles For Bathrooms

Bathroom Moroccan Mosaic Tile

Bathrooms always need a unique touch of style and the latest renovation option is to introduce some personality and color into the space wherever you can. As far as the bathroom floors are concerned, you can go with tiles in a colorful pattern. Even those modestly priced ones can pay you off very well.

Shared Bathrooms

Shared Bathrooms2

Shared bathrooms have been a leading trend lately and increasing number of homeowners seeking for this amenity. Whether you want to install separate toilets, double sinks & vanities or dressing areas, anything extra that you can add to your bathroom space would be a positive addition.

Skim Coating

Skim Coating2

Instead of knocking down those uneven walls and beginning from scratch for eradicating some taping job gone wrong, the latest trend is to go with drywall skim coating. You can also apply some thinner layers of the joint compound for giving a new look to the walls. It also lays an ultra-smooth foundation to go with wallpaper installation and can give your walls a true face lift.

Panel-Ready Refrigerators

Panel Ready Refrigerators2

A new trend in home renovation is to conceal the refrigerator using cabinet panels to achieve custom, seamless result which looks amazing with your remaining kitchen cabinetry. It’s really an upgrade everyone should consider going for.

Adding A Bit Of Creature Comforts

creature habits

Efficiency and comfort play a vital part in driving latest home renovations. Whether you have to trade out those window air-conditioners and replace them with central air and add soundproofing solutions to the shared walls or splurge on radiant-heat floors in bathrooms, the creature comforts are going to make a difference.

Wall-Hung Toilets

wall hung toilet installation

Known to be an institutional or commercial thing previously, the wall-hung toilets have now been requested more and more in homes with small bathrooms. So, if you have been facing the space issue in your bathroom as well, this chic and modern addition is worth going for.

Blue Cabinets For Kitchen

Blue Kitchen Cabinet IdeasDuring last few years, some steady momentum shift has been experienced in the trend in kitchen cabinetry colors as the bold and playful shades are getting traction. More and more homeowners are going with shades like cornflower, indigo, royal and navy blue. Blue really has stepped up as a popular choice for kitchen cabinetry.

So, which of these trending home renovation options would you like to try out first? They’re all going to add to your interior space and will give your home a true face lift.

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