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Using wall sconces to beautify your New Orleans home

Using wall sconces to beautify your New Orleans home

The great city of New Orleans is a place known for its rich history and unique-looking houses. From the outside, they are glorious, vintage, inviting. But does the interior match the exterior? Is it equally appealing or even more so? Well, that’s a question that’s best forwarded to homeowners. Still, if you happen to be one of them, ask yourself if your sanctuary is genuinely complete or can it benefit from something. Benefit from additional light, perhaps? Not only can the extra light further brighten the place, but it can also bring it a dash of life. By using wall sconces, for example, you can beautify your New Orleans home so that it finally shares the soul of the city.

Using wall sconces to transform your home’s visual appeal

Despite their usually petite size, wall sconces are quite powerful and versatile lighting solutions. Depending on your particular needs, these fixtures can be an excellent source of ambient light, accent light, or task light. They can even act alone as statement pieces capable of making your home seem increasingly lavish.

Unlike table lamps and pendant lights, wall-mounted lights can be a welcome addition to pretty much all rooms. They fit all styles and can be successfully utilized in both traditional and contemporary houses.

One thing is for sure, however. No matter where you decide to place them, they will never go unnoticed. The elegance and sophistication that they enrich the space with are simply too eye-catching. But how exactly can you make the most of these lighting wonders? Well, keep on reading to find out.

A picture of a bathroom adorned with wall sconces
All rooms, including the bathroom, can be beatified by using wall sconces.

Use wall fixtures to add to the ambiance

The key to lighting the room the right way has never been about overdoing it. Overly bright places are too harsh for our eyes, plus they are anything but inviting. The real way to achieve perfect ambient lighting lies in having the brightness come from multiple interior lighting sources.

By combining wall sconces with, let’s say, hanging fixtures, you achieve the much-needed balance necessary to retain the warm atmosphere of the space. Sconces are excellent providers of ambient light, especially in homes adorned with high ceilings and long hallways.

A bedroom with ambient light coming from the wall fixtures
Wall-mounted fixtures are a great provider of ambient light – the type of light suitable for bedrooms and living rooms.

Accentuate the artwork

Using wall sconces as a way to highlight art is possibly the most popular way to utilize them. This practice originated in the Middle Ages when people used so-called ”Tiki torches” to illuminate the walls and surrounding areas. And while we certainly no longer use these, the habit of placing light sources on the walls has remained. Today, one of the main functions of fixtures is to provide accent light that makes the artwork and wall decor stand out and pop.

Provide clever task lighting

Task lighting provided by the wall fixtures can match that of table lamps, as long as they are appropriately placed. To ensure ultimate comfort while reading, the area you want to illuminate must be shadow-free. This can only be achieved if your sconces are perfectly aligned. With that being said, perhaps the best way to avoid placing them the wrong way is to opt for flexible fixtures, the ones with hands that can be moved in all directions, helping you adjust the beam of light as necessary.

A picture of a kitchen with task lighting
When positioned properly, wall sconces are excellent sources of task light.

Play with shadows

When looking to make small changes to spruce up your home in New Orleans on a budget, using wall sconces is the way to go! As a matter of fact, shadows cast by these wonders can make quite a breathtaking display. Depending on the design of fixtures and their size, you can expect either bold, extravagant shadows or subtle but still alluring ones.

Choose the appropriate style and size of sconces

The good thing is that you shouldn’t have a hard time doing that. Sconces come in all styles, shapes, and sizes! Now, it’s up to you to choose the ones that will complement your interior design. Unless you are trying to make a statement, mixing too many styles isn’t advisable. If you live in a modern house, chances are traditional wall lights aren’t going to fit the place’s overall vibe.

Also, before you make a purchase, it’s worth noting that, in this case, size definitely matters! Large fixtures are excellent providers of accent light, while smaller ones are better suited for the task and ambient lighting.

Free-up the space

Your New Orleans home is poorly lit, but there seems not to be enough space in it for floor lamps due to so many belongings lying around? Is it even possible to deal with both without losing your mind? Definitely yes! As far as taking care of clutter, consider keeping your valuables in storage units, such as those provided by Once you’ve done it, your place will automatically feel more extensive, as well as neater.

When talking about lighting, however, instead of opting for bulky lamps, opt for wall sconces. Since they are installed directly on walls and occupy no floor space, they are excellent at saving it, making them a great lighting choice for tiny flats too.

Decorate the entrance

Their incredible usefulness aside, light fixtures can function solely as decor. Using wall sconces to beautify the entryway to your home is an excellent example of that! If you decide to put them above the door, your house will instantly become warmer! Additionally, the relaxing ambient light will make for the perfect welcome for all your future guests.

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