There are many tried-and-true methods in order to get a better nights sleep:

First Let’s Cover Some Standards

Limit your TV screen time prior to bed time, skip the late afternoon cup of coffee, keep a consistent schedule.


dark-bedroomIt All Works! But..

Only to a point—Your bedroom environment can actually be working against your sleep time. Your bedroom should not be a second living space but should be set up as a sactuary for sleep. As hard as you may try, it’s difficult to get a good nights sleep sleep in a lively space. So we asked experts for advice on how best to set up a bedroom that promotes better, deeper sleep and a room that looks gorgeous also.


One of the best ways to enhance your sleep that is all too often ignored for better sleep, is getting the bedroom features right especially the wall paint colors.

Yep, that’s correct, the colors of your walls in your room can be a major factor in your ability to fall asleep and even more important to stay asleep. The whole point is to get a full nights rest.

Here are some of the best  house paint colors  you should use to help you with your sleep.

Use Relaxing Colors That Can Help You Sleep

dark-bedroom-Promote Calm That Helps With Sleep

When it comes to wall paint colors, the most important thing to focus on is getting more calming colors into your bedroom.  These are the colors that are relaxation inducing.   Earth tones are the best colors to induce a calming mindset as well as soft and muted colors, such as light blues.

When you enter your bedroom, the transition from lively to  relaxing should be subtle not jarring. You want the room to exude a sense of relaxation, and the easiest and best way to accomplish this is to utilize those colors that evoke thst feeling of calm.

Blue is probably the most utilized, but it is not necessarily the best color, at least for everyone. Because color is purely subjective, the proper color for one may not be the best color for another.

Other colors that you may want to think about are soft shades of  orange, green, yellow, coral, and even beige.

Avoid Brighter Colors


A huge mistake people make when they paint their bedroom is all too often use intensely bright colors.  These bright colors definitely increase the energy in the room.

Energy is obviously the absolute wrong sensation you want or want to strive for when decorating your bedroom. You want to create the ultimate relaxing experience.

Unfortunately, brighter energy inducing colors can be stimulate you and completely work against your natural sleep patterns and ultimately your over all sleep quality. This means you need to avoid using bright energetic colors like neon or other bright vibrant colors that are going to inject energy into your bedroom.

Bright energetic colors can simply wreak havoc on your sleep patterns. if you get overstimulated with these colors it will ruin the quality of your sleep.

Lighting Matters

warm ambient lighting

The glare from your light fixtures are not just limited to electronic devices.  Incandescent light bulbs are more soothing and LED bulbs used in lamps and ceiling fixtures also emanate a more blue light, even if it appears whiter. Incandescent light bulbs are similar to the light at a campfire, while light eminating from LED bulbs often feel as though you’re staring at the sun.  LED lighting has  a lot to be desired, and should be avoided for bedrooms because it can make the bedroom feel cold and depressing.

So use incadescent light bulbs in the beautiful table lamps, floor lamps, and ceiling lights the will create that warm sleep inducing ambience.

No White Ceilings

It’s tempting to paint your ceiling white because it can achieve a more spacious looking room However this may be the wrong choice for your bedroom. If you want better and deeper sleep, you’ll want to avoid painting any bedroom ceilings or walls white.

You can avoid creating that energetic and stimulating environment. Painting your bedroom ceiling a warmer darker color can make it much easier to get that deep extended sleep, and it can also make it easier to take that siesta during the day time.

No white ceilings

This is the best things that you can do that will immediately improve the quality and duration of your sleep.  If you are a person that suffers from sleep problems due to odd working hours, this is a good solution.

There are many things that can be done to maximize the ability to get a full nights sleep in your bedroom every night.

Follow these tips, and you should achieve a much better night’s rest while maximizing your overall sleep experience. By avoiding those bright  vibrant colors, you will avoid creating a stimulating energetic bedroom environment.

Focus on the muted colors with warm earth tones in order to create a perfect relaxing space where you will sleep your best.