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Ways to decorate with traditional table lamps

An elegant corner of a living room with a beautiful table lamp, showing one of the ways to decorate with traditional table lamps

Though it can be argued that a simple table lamp is a humble decorating piece, you can bring a fresh new style to your home and achieve a pleasing visual appeal if you use them strategically. Don’t make the mistake of considering them old-fashioned looking. There are many ways to decorate with traditional table lamps, and the results will surprise and delight you. These lighting fixtures can do wonders for your home – elevate your style and create a unique ambiance. But if you lack ideas on how to use them in your home or feel like you need some theoretical knowledge on their placement, you have come to the right place. Read on to find out how to exploit the lavish and extravagant appeal table lamps so unpresumptuously hold.

Use table lamps instead of chandeliers 

When they think of suitable lighting in a living room, most people envision an opulent crystal chandelier that is the focal point of the room. Nothing wrong with that. But a few table laps placed at different corners of the room can create an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Moreover, you can adjust the brightness as you need by using all or only one of them. 

Similarly, in smaller dining areas, you can create a café feel if you substitute a ceiling fixture with a table lamp. 

Bring back the traditional nightstand lamp.

Recently, it seems that people opt for wall lighting above the bed. However, placing a traditional table lamp on the nightstand will transform your bedroom into a more elegant and luxurious oasis of peace. While the wall fixtures follow the more contemporary trends in home decor and are a more modern and minimalistic option, there is no reason to mix and match styles to create something new and different. 

A bedroom with two matching table lamps on the nightstands
Two matching table lamps on the nightstands in your bedroom will give your room a cozy and elegant look.

Put table lamps in unexpected places.

Not only in decorating but also in other art forms, unexpected solutions often have the biggest impact. The element of surprise should never be underestimated. Therefore, don’t be afraid to play a little. Add a table lamp to your bathroom and watch how elegant whimsy takes up the entire space. A piece so simple as a lamp has the power to award your bathroom the stylish epithet with a touch of imagination and playfulness. 

Another quite unexpected place for a stone table lamp is the window. Why not replace the conventional candles and tiny cacti pots with a table lamp. Its light will reflect against the glass, creating a bright glow. It will look inviting on the outside and comforting on the inside. 

A table lamp in front of a window.
Put traditional table lamps to unexpected places; you will instantly make the room more stylish.

Pair matching table lamps to create symmetry

You can typically see two matching traditional table lamps on the nightstands on each side of the bed. However, there are some more places where you can achieve elegant symmetry with them. Put them on both sides of your dresser, and never struggle to find the other earring in the jewelry box. Also, if you are lucky to have a fireplace in your home, the mantelpiece is the perfect spot to put two stone table lamps at each end. 

Tips on decorating with traditional table lamps

  • Choosing the right height. The total height of traditional table lamps typically ranges from 24 to 34 inches. When deciding how high you should place the lamp, the trick is to sit down and see where the end of the shade is. Ideally, it should be at your eye level. 
  • Matching the lamp with other features in the room. If you want to add a table lamp with a more vibrant shade or base, you need to add accents in the same shade. Throw pillows are a good idea. It will help tie the entire room together. 
  • Correct placement. If you put two lamps on a table, make sure you leave enough space between them, three feet preferably. If you use them on a dining room table, they will distribute the light evenly. 
  • Combining several lamps. Should you decide to have several different lamps in a room, try to find a way to make them unified. For instance, if the bases are all different, it can look fantastic. But then use the shades in the same shape. Also, try to have them in the same shade. 
  • Lighting the room with table lamps. If the room you want to illuminate is very dark, opt for translucent paper shades. Alternatively, you can try to find shades made of very light fabric. 
  • Choosing the shape. You can never go wrong with a drum shade. It can go well with practically any base. A lovely traditional table lamp will usually feature a white linen shade or a light neutral, cream-like color shade. 
A beautifully decorated apartment with several traditional table lamps
You can have several different table lamps in a room, but make sure you unite them by choosing the shade in the same color.

Buying the lamps

If you have decided to buy the base and the shade separately, you have to know that there are different ways in which shades attach to the bases. Some need a harp (a spider fitting), others sit on a piece of hardware attached to the base of the bulb (an uno fitting), and there are also some that clip directly onto the bulb (a clip-on fitting). It’s imperative to check whether both the base and the shade have the same fitting. 

Handling lamps

Upon reading all the tips on how to decorate with traditional table lamps, you may want to freshen up your home, make some changes and elevate the space. Or you are dealing with a clean slate since you have just moved into a new home. Either way, you may want to go and get some new lighting fixtures, or you will need to transport your beautiful stone table lamps to the new location.  You already know that handling fragile items the right way is a must, and lamps are no exception. So make sure you take all the necessary precautions so that your precious decorating wizards arrive at their new destination intact. 

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