Today pendant lights are artfully combined with beauty form and function

in a gorgeous array of various finishes, styles, and sizes!

The most popular and best lighting companies such as Uttermost and Wildwood are consistantly  introducing new, innovative and unique designs that are sure to please the fashion design  conscience homeowner.

kitchen pendant lighting


Llighting plays such an integral role in modern interior design and it is no mystery that these stylish pendant lights have become an important, prominent and essential element when designing a harmonious and cohesive atmosphere. 

How do we accomplish this?  Matching styles would be the most fundamental way to do this when choosing your pendant light.  After careful consideration and taking the time to positioning your pendant properly, here are a few more tips you can use to achieve the best possible result and the perfect design for your space. 


Kitchen – Positioning Pendants over a kitchen Island

Consider this important general rule of thumb that should be applied when symmetry is in place. A pendant light should be positioned 75-80cm apart and also hung 75-80cm above the island counter surface.

Position Pendants Perfectly1


For instance, when your room is limited to a single offset pendant or perhaps two offset pendants that you properly position next to each other, you will do well to arrange them at different heights. With this style of design you will still achieve good asymmetrical harmony. 


Position Pendants Perfectly2



Hallway – Positioning Pendants in a hallway

Position a pendant in your hallway only if you have the adequate space.  Position your pendant approximately 120cm away from each of the surrounding walls, and roughly 215cm up from the floors surface.

For height consideration, each additional 1/2 meter added to your ceilings height – over and above the standard ceiling height of (2.4m) – you should add an additional 6-7cm of hanging height up from the floors surface.  

Position Pendants Perfectly4 2


When dealing with a two story high ceiling, you should position and hang a single pendant light or chandelier no lower than the second story floors surface.

Position Pendants Perfectly6


When your pendant light or chandelier has a cascading style effect,  make sure it is strategically positioned no lower than 2.4m from the floors surface.

Position Pendants Perfectly7



Dining table – Positioning Pendants over your dining table 

Your dining room pendant light should hang 80cm up from a tables surface when you are dealing with standard ceiling height, which is generally (2.4m) from the floors surface up to the ceiling.  

Position Pendants Perfectly8


Hang your pendant light 10cm higher for each additional 30cm of your ceilings height.  Be sure to position the pendant light to extend no more than 15cm beyond or over the end of the tables edge.


Position Pendants Perfectly8 1


Achieve harmoneous beauty with the stylish appearance of your lighting design scheme. Choose your pendant lights shape to reflect and mimic the design shape of your tables surface below.

Position Pendants Perfectly10



Bedroom – Positioning pendants in a Bedroom

Go ahead hang your bedroom pendant light on each side of the bed. This is a popular fashion trend that has recently swept through the interior design industry. Your pendant lights should be centered and positioned strategically over the bedside end table surfaces and properly positioned 40-55 cm above the top of the tables surface.

Position Pendants Perfectly10 1 3

When you position a centerpiece pendant light or chandelier above your bed, the fixture should measure approximately 210cm up from the floors surface.


Position Pendants Perfectly10 3



Livingroom – Positioning pendants in a Livingroom

Similar to a bedroom, it is also a very popular fashion trend for your livingroom. When you hang a pendant on each side of your couch in your livingroom,  the Pendant light should be strategically positioned and centered over the end tables, anywhere between 40-55 cm above the end-tables surface. 

Position Pendants Perfectly10 1 4



Livingroom – Positioning pendants in a livingroom

In your livingroom, when you hang a centerpiece pendant positioned above your couch – the pendant should measure roughly 210cm up from the floors surface.

Position Pendants Perfectly10 4


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